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Real Life Issues - April 27, 2019

My Facebook Sweetheart

Dear Oge,

My heart breaks as I type this. I met this man on facebook. We started chatting, we got so used to speaking to each other  that no day goes by without a message from him. We even exchanged numbers, sometimes, he would  give his mother the phone to also say hello.

One day, he asked that I come see him in Enugu. He sent me some money for transport fare. I was single and looking to mingle. So, I agreed and made the trip, from Port-Harcourt to Enugu. We finally met. Immediately I saw him at the park, I felt the butterflies in my stomach. He was just as good looking as he looked in pictures. He engulfed me in a warm embrace and walked me to where he parked. I was glad I had finally met the one.

When we got to his apartment, I freshened up. He cooked some food. We ate. Then the night came. He was a good lover. He serenaded me with the blues, gently undressed me. I laid on the bed, motionless, confused as to what to do or not to do. Before I knew what was going on, he had me in his mouth,  while rubbing my swollen clits. He touched me in all the right places that I let out a soft moan. Damn, he was good, I was dripping wet. He reached out for my nipples with those dark firm hands and as he took them in his mouth, with his fingers still deep in the warmth of my vagina. I was certain I was in heaven. He then slid his rock hard dick into me. I couldn’t contain myself. The feeling was inexplicable. No one has ever made love to me like this before. I felt I was about to explode.  We both climaxed and fell asleep after that.

The next morning, he asked that we go see his mum. I was so happy. I have spoken to her on several occasions before now. We met his mom. She was a beautiful woman too, a typical example of one who aged gracefully.  She told me how she had always dreamt of this day, a day when her son will bring home a potential bride. She prayed for us. We left. I stayed two more days in Enugu, before going back to base.

On getting to Port-Harcourt, I called to tell him that I had arrived. But his number was switched off. I thought to myself, maybe, he had a flat battery. I didn’t think much of it. The next day, I looked him up on facebook, only to realize that he blocked me. I was confused? What did I do wrong? We had a swell time in Enugu. Where did I go wrong? Weeks later, I never heard from him. Then it dawned on me, I have just been played. I was shattered. I went to the hospital to check myself to make sure I wasn’t infected with any STds. Thankfully, it all came out, negative.

Months later, a friend of mine invited me over to her sisters baby’s birthday party at Enugu. I wasn’t in the mood to party but I needed the distraction. So I tagged along. As we were walking in, the parents of the celebrant were called upon. Lo and behold, it was Elvis. The father of the celebrant was the beast who ripped my heart out, mercilessly. He was married with 3 children.

He froze, as our eyes met. “Should I call him out or not?”,  I thought to myself. I left the premises in a hurry. I cried my whole way home. I thought to share my experience with you all so as to warn young girls out there. Becareful, people are not always who they say they are on social media. Turns out the woman he introduced me to in enugu as his mother, wasn’t even related to him in any way.


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